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Of the Outokumpu Plate Service Centers, PSC Benelux is the only one with a full machine shop. At Benelux, we work closely with our customers to deliver a complete package of quality products.

Plate service center services

  • Global service center network offering tailor-made plates and cut components.
  • Plate service centers offer bending, sawing, welding, machining, laser cutting, plasma cutting and waterjet cutting.

At PSC Benelux, located in Aalten in The Netherlands, advanced solutions are developed through active collaboration with our customers. Offering laser, plasma and water jet cutting and machining services – as well as bending and deep expertise in material testing from Outokumpu and a nearby R&D Center – Benelux helps customers navigate complex projects with great precision.

Fast and cost-efficient, plasma cutting is available in thicknesses up to 150 mm. Material up to 70 mm in thickness can be cut under water, reducing heat impact on the material. Thick dimension material (70–150 mm) is dry-cut. Water jet cutting produces clean cuts with narrow tolerances, reducing the need for further machining and additional costs. Benelux water jets handle materials up to 150 mm in thickness and maximum plate dimensions of 6 by 3 meters.

Advanced laser cutting equipment is used to process sheets 6 meters long by 2 meters wide. A 6 kW CO2 laser cuts material up to 25 mm in thickness. Two quality cuts are available at Benelux: Standard, and Bright Line for high-shine, smooth cuts with narrow tolerances that need no subsequent processing.

In machining, Benelux offers unique production efficiencies. Turning can be done in dimensions of up to 1,450 mm, and drilling and milling are performed on a table measuring 2,200 mm by 860 mm. The facility’s CNC operation includes one machine equipped with multiple functions (turning/drilling) that streamline production processes.


Benelux service center producing part flange
Producing a flange


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