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Fagersta Stainless´ wire rod mill in Fagersta, Sweden is a global wire rod supplier in a broad range of stainless steel grades and sizes. Fagersta Stainless belongs to the world´s leading producers of stainless wire rod with a flexible and high quality manufacturing program.

With a long and proud tradition of rolling wire rod, Fagersta Stainless carries the reputation of being the first mill in the world to roll stainless wire rod. The company started in the 16th century and is today only focusing on producing stainless wire rod and wire.

Wire producers within a number of product ranges such as welding, cold heading, spring, high temperature and Duplex ranges, rely on Fagersta Stainless´ wire rod for its unique properties and high quality.

What sets Fagersta Stainless apart? With a technical knowledge and a unique production process that has been built up during a long time, Fagersta Stainless can roll grades having tight chemistries and therefore supply wire rod and wire with unique properties and high quality. On top of that, Fagersta Stainless provides leading technical services and tailored solutions in a class of its own.

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Key capabilities

  • Tailored tight chemistries
  • All from standard to highly specialized grades
  • High quality enabled by high quality billet suppliers

We produce

Wire rod

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