Product Ranges

Our legacy of innovation and consistent quality means that we have just the right product for every application. By grouping our products into two broad families with several ranges based on performance, rather than steel type, we aim to make choosing the best product for your application easier.

For mild to high corrosion

Outokumpu Classic Family

Our Classic family combines the most commonly used stainless steel for mildly to high corrosive environments


Corrosive environments

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Mildly corrosive environments

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Highly corrosive environments

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For demanding applications and end uses

Outokumpu Pro Family

Our Pro family offers stainless steel products for specific applications or demanding end use.


Duplex and other high strength

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Extremely corrosive environments

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High hardness

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High service temperatures

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Superior machinability

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Special surfaces

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100% stainless steel. Down to 7% the carbon footprint.

Outokumpu Circle Green®

Outokumpu has led the change towards sustainable stainless steel manufacturing for decades with one breakthrough benchmark after another. Outokumpu Circle Green® marks our biggest achievement in this pursuit to date. With a carbon footprint down to 7% of the global average, it surpasses any existing solution in sustainability and sets yet another benchmark.
Outokumpu Circle Green®
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