Active dialogue with markets

Outokumpu's IR team provides on-time information about the business and financial development to the markets. We meet investors and analysts regularly to ensure seamless interaction between the company and capital market, and we offer the access to our corporate management as well. 
Page last updated: 18 Aug 2023

IR policy

Key principles

  • Transparent, clear, proactive and up-to-date information
  • Consistent level of information on both positive and negative issues
  • Equal treatment of all shareholders
  • Commitment of top management and dedicated IR team

Main tasks

  • To provide accurate and relevant information to the capital market for the fair valuation of Outokumpu
  • To secure investors' confidence and shareholder value

Silent period

Outokumpu applies a 30-day silent period before full-year and interim result announcements. During those periods we do not meet with capital market representatives nor comment on result forecasts.

Stay up-to-date

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Dialogue with the markets

Outokumpu’s hare is a so-called people’s share in Finland, with households and private investors owning more than a quarter of its outstanding shares. The largest shareholder is Solidium Oy, the Finnish-state owned investment company, who owned 15.5% of the outstanding shares at year-end. The share of international institutions’ ownership slightly decreased during the year and reached a level of 30.8% at the end of 2022.

Outokumpu continued its regular and active communication with investors and analysts throughout the year. The key topics in 2022 were the unprecedented situation in the energy market, increased cost inflation, the Russian attack on Ukraine and its consequences as well as the overall market environment including raw material and stainless steel price development. 
Other topics included Outokumpu's second phase of the strategy and related financial targets, strengthened balance sheet, normalized EBITDA level, capital allocation and sustainability. 


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