Stainless steel for water control

Steel structures submerged in water has traditionally been manufactured from plain construction steel, that has been painted to mitigate corrosion (rust). With higher demands on sustainability and life cycle costs, stainless steel becomes more frequently used for applications like Water gates and sluices. Stainless steel offers a practically maintenance free solution without expensive coatings that later will demand re-coatings and environmental  concerns like micro plastic waste.

Outokumpu offers a range of stainless steels suitable for mildly corrosive conditions in brackish water to more demanding high chloride sea water conditions: Product Ranges


Case Tammerkoski – Securing floodgates for two centuries

What if we could safely control the water flow

Case Gårda Dämme – Floodgates to fight rising sea levels

Outokumpu delivers stainless steel material to critical floodgate

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