Outokumpu's ESG Advisory Council's composition updated

Outokumpu Oyj
May 23, 2022

Outokumpu's ESG Advisory Council's composition updated

Outokumpu updates the composition of its external ESG Advisory Council and appoints Pia Theresa Duerrschnabel, Director of Sustainability at Wieland Group, to the Council. Duerrschnabel has extensive experience of leading sustainability strategies both in the automotive and metals industries. She joined the council in April 2022.

“I am excited to work with other experienced sustainability experts to promote sustainability at Outokumpu. Based on my experiences so far, Outokumpu is very well on track with its sustainability targets. The strong focus on sustainability shows that Outokumpu is a forward-looking company with an authentic ESG mindset”, says Pia Theresa Duerrschnabel.

The ESG Advisory Council was established in May 2021 to support Outokumpu in the company’s continuous improvement in sustainability. The council’s role is to challenge and comment the company’s ESG strategy, roadmap development and actions as well as facilitate dialogue and exchange of views between Outokumpu and its stakeholders.

“The ESG Advisory Council is a valuable forum that brings external views to support our sustainability journey. The ESG Advisory Council has had an important role in reviewing our sustainability agenda and supporting us to reach our ambitious sustainability targets”, says Stefan Erdmann, Chief Technology Officer & Group Sustainability at Outokumpu.

In 2021, the ESG Advisory Council discussed topics such as Outokumpu's science-based climate target setting, internal carbon pricing, ESG ratings as well as sustainable sourcing. In 2022, the ESG Advisory Council will focus on decarbonization topics, supply chain sustainability and ensuring the commitment to human rights in the value chain.

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