Specialized components for specialized needs

Specialized components

We offer many versatile and highly precise components including beams, tubes, press plates, roll shells, structural sections, and blancs and disks.

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Beams, hollow section tubes and bent profiles for structural design

We offer welded stainless-steel I-beams, H-beams, hollow-section tubes and bent profiles for load-bearing structures. These products are available in lengths of up to 13 m/510 in. without length splicing.

Grade wise, the products are available in austenitic stainless-steels from our Core and Supra ranges, high-alloyed austenitic grades from our Ultra range, high-strength duplex stainless steel grades from the Forta range and heat-resistant austenitic and ferritic stainless steels from the Therma range.

Our stock of raw material allows short delivery times. The products are manufactured to order in the Plate Service Center in Degerfors, Sweden. Contact any of our Plate service centers for more information.


Duprof structural sections

We are a leading source of high-quality, standardized structural sections in duplex stainless steel. Sold under the trademark Duprof, these structural sections are the ideal choice for designers, engineers, and distributors who require high strength and long service life for their applications.

Standard sections are manufactured from plates in stock and can be supplied with short lead times. Standard sections are available in lengths of up to 6 m/235 in. and thicknesses of 5–15 mm / 0.19–0.59 in.

We also produce austenitic, ferritic or martensitic structural sections in other dimensions and profiles. Structural sections are manufactured in the Plate Service Center in Degerfors, Sweden.


Hardened and customized press plates

We are among the world's most advanced manufacturers of customized press plates, ready-to-use plates for the hardboard industry and semi-finished niche plates for the laminate industry. Press plates are manufactured in a dedicated unit in Avesta, Sweden.

Stainless steel delivers high durability. Our press plates are extremely resistant to damage such as indentations and scratches. Our state-of-the-art hardening process also gives our press plates an excellent degree of flatness, which is especially important for HPL-presses and large LPL-presses.


Suction roll shells

For decades, the world's leading paper manufacturers have relied on us as their supplier of choice for top-quality stainless steel suction roll shell blanks. Years of experience producing suction roll shells and working closely with customers have led us to develop stainless steel grades specifically for this product.

We continually refine our technologies to offer the best shell for every application. With an unmatched level of expertise, we can provide each customer with a shell that will run at optimum speed and quality throughout its lifecycle.

Suction roll shells are produced in the Prefab unit in Avesta, Sweden.


Blancs and disks

Round blancs and disks are cut from stainless steel sheet. Blancs and disks are made in our units in Germany, Mexico and our service center in France.