New lean alternative to nickel-based alloys for chemical, oil and gas

Sanicro® 35 is a newly developed alloy combining the best features of a high performance austenitic stainless steel and nickel based alloys.

This grade is our latest addition to the Ultra range, it has excellent corrosion resistance in combination with a high mechanical strength.

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Traditionally, fabricators and operators in the chemical processing, refineries, and oil and gas industries have relied on nickel-based alloys such as Alloy 625 as the basis of systems that need to withstand exposure to seawater and acidic conditions.

However, growing cost pressure and high nickel prices are prompting them to look for alternatives. One material that holds promise is Sanicro® 35, which has been developed by Sandvik AB as a cost-efficient alternative to nickel-based alloys. Outokumpu has obtained a licence from Sandvik to produce it in plate and sheet formats. This will complement Sandvik’s production of seamless tube and open up new opportunities for design engineers and fabricators designing systems such as reactors, heat exchangers and processing vessels.

Marie Louise Falkland, Outokumpu’s Senior Technical Manager says: “Sanicro® 35 bridges the gap between stainless steel and nickel-based alloys for highly corrosive environments. We are now able to provide customers with sheet and plate samples so they can evaluate the alloy’s performance in different environments, as well as exploring the material in fabrication and welding.”

An important benefit of Sanicro® 35 is that it provides cost efficiency and price stability. That is because it contains only 35% nickel, compared with 58% or more for higher alloyed nickel-based alloys, which are more exposed to high and changeable prices on the nickel market.


Straightforward for fabricators

From a mechanical point of view, Sanicro® 35 has notable advantages It has a combination of high mechanical strength and good formability. The mechanical strength is on par with Alloy 625 but the higher elongation value is giving better formability. It also shows good weldability with all conventional arc welding methods.

Marcus Lorén, R&D Manager, concludes: “Sanicro® 35 is a good alternative to more costly nickel-based alloys and has huge potential for chemical processing and oil and gas operators.

“We’ve successfully produced Sanicro® 35 in cold rolled sheet and hot rolled plate. Our product program will cover cold rolled sheets of 0.4-5.5mm and hot rolled plate of up to 50 mm thick. We’re now looking forward to working with customers so that they can see how it compares in their environment.”

Sanicro® 35 as flat products are included in the ASTM B625 standard and will soon be included in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division I and II.

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