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March 23, 2022

1 hour

Define your welding strategy for car bodies, bus frames or railway vehicles

With most materials, welding affects the microstructure in a negative way. The microstructure and resulting physical properties of stainless steels, however, can offer highly ductile and crash-resistance welds. Our webinar demonstrates to welding experts in the mobility industry how they can define their welding strategy to achieve high-performance welds using stainless steels. Join Outokumpu’s Thomas Hündgen and Stefan Lindner for new insights and practical examples.

Key topics in the webinar:

  • Basic introduction to the weldability of stainless steels
  • Microstructure, physical properties and derived welding strategy for stainless steels
  • Application examples: car body engineering, bus frames, railway vehicles
  • Questions and answers

Thomas Hündgen

Senior R&D Engineer at Outokumpu

Thomas works in research and development at Outokumpu. He has extensive experience in joining techniques, welding and fabrication, with degrees in mechanical engineering and welding.

Stefan Lindner

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

Linkedin profile

Stefan is responsible for technical market development for Outokumpu, with a focus on applications for mobility and transportation, especially automotive engineering and alternative powertrain solutions.


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