Realising the architect's vision with sustainable stainless steel

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Nov 16, 2022

1 hour

How to fabricate stainless steel to achieve the best possible façade solution

The focus of this webinar is to bring you expert knowledge on fabrication of your stainless steel façade to achieve your design idea. As the cladding material is designed for sustainable long-term use you will also learn the environmental impacts of stainless steel façade material.


Our webinar covers the following topics:
  • Expertise in forming behaviour of stainless steel 
  • Fabrication of stainless steel to bring the architects vision to life
  • Ensuring consistency in quality
  • CO2 emissions of grades in use 
  • Environmental impact of stainless steel compared to other materials

Lenore Staubwasser

Senior Forming Expert, Outokumpu

Lenore Staubwasser is a forming expert in stainless steel. She has grown her expertise over many years in forming behaviour, influence of sheet surface, forming tools, tribology, simulation and new forming technologies.

Mattia Luciano De Bernardi

Project Manager, Permasteelisa 

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Permasteelisa Service is the unit of Permasteelisa Group dedicated to engineering and delivering complex metal claddings. Mattia leads facade projects through the whole life cycle: from tendering, where Permasteelisa transforms architectural needs into producible solutions, to engineering where the design team develops technical solutions and value engineering. Lastly, production, which is done either in Permasteelisa's factory or with selected partners.

Clemens Prim

Lead Technical Manager – Portfolio Management

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Clemens Prim is an industrial engineer with a main focus on customer oriented sustainability. This includes understanding the sustainability requirements of customers and continuously working on solutions for them. 

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