Chopping emissions: ZWILLING launches special edition Earth Day knives made with Outokumpu Circle Green®

The ZWILLING Pro Earth Day Special Edition knife block combines Outokumpu Circle Green steel with FSC-certified Kotibé wood for a stainless, stylish, and super sustainable finish.

Zwilling PRO Special Edition Knife block set_Earth Day

As communities worldwide observe Earth Day, Outokumpu is proud to announce its part in the launch of a new special edition knife block from ZWILLING, one of the global leading suppliers of high-quality products for modern home kitchens. Crafted with Circle Green Dura stainless steel, the Pro Earth Day Special Edition Knife Set embodies the spirit of sustainability on a day for companies and customers alike to reflect on the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Raw materials and manufacturing account for the majority of carbon emissions generated during the knife production cycle. From the start of this project, the use of Circle Green steel, ensured that 50% of the carbon dioxide emissions were saved during Outokumpu manufacturing process compared to conventional Outokumpu production. It is produced by Outokumpu and brought to Solingen by future-oriented steel trading company STAHL KREBS.

Zwilling PRO Special Edition Knife block set_Earth Day
Circle Green in general has a carbon footprint which is up to 93% lower compared to the global industry average.  This is achieved firstly by using only renewable sources and low-carbon electricity in our production. Secondly, Outokumpu has the highest recycling rate and uses more scrap than any other stainless steel manufacturer in the world. Last but not least, significant emissions reductions are achieved by looking into the entire value chain and then acting on it, such as using biogas instead of natural gas in the production process.

The total carbon footprint of the product is further reduced by ZWILLING’s own 100% reliance on renewable energy at its Solingen headquarters, as well as its use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®)-certified wood for the knife block and knife handles: Kotibé wood and European thermo beech respectively. Even without preservatives or chemicals, the materials are extremely durable and therefore support responsible forestry.

Zwilling PRO Special Edition Knife block set_Earth DayThe six-piece set includes essentials such as a chef's knife, a bread knife, a meat knife, a compact chef's knife, and a paring and garnishing knife, all featuring the superior durability of Outokumpu stainless steel. The ice-hardened FRIODUR blade is particularly sharp and robust, supported by an ergonomic handle for comfort, balance, and precision. The result is a series of knives that can not only last for generations, but also meet the high standards of quality and cutting performance.


"This Earth Day, we are proud to showcase the role of Circle Green towards zero stainless steel in this collaboration with STAHL KREBS and ZWILLING. Together, we are proving that prestige products can go hand-in-hand with carbon reduction. For the rapidly growing base of environmentally-conscious customers, durability and sustainability are not just bonuses — they are equal with quality.” says Christian Koch, Sales Director AABC BL Advanced Materials at Outokumpu.

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Published abr. 19, 2024