Management shareholding

Here we compile the current share ownership of our Leadership Team members and Board of Directors. All changes in the share ownership published separately as stock exchange releases.
Page last updated: 20 Dec 2023
Outokumpu publishes all changes in the management shareholding, both for the Leadership Team and Board members, as separate stock exchange releases according to the MAR regulation. 

Part of the remuneration of both the management and Board members is paid in Outokumpu shares. For the Board members, 40% of the annual remuneration is paid in Outokumpu shares, and the share-based incentive programs are part of the overall Leadership Team remuneration.   

Shares and share-based rights owned by the members of the Board of Directors 
Member of the Board  Shares 
Kari Jordan 300,000
Kati ter Horst 39,609
Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann 16,939
Päivi Luostarinen 16,939
Jyrki Mäki-Kala 10,700
Petter Söderström 11,608
Pierre Vareille  61,768
Julia Woodhouse  36,787


The share ownership of the Board of Directors was updated in May 2023 after annual remuneration payments in shares. 

 Shares and share-based rights owned by the Leadership team
 Member of the Leadership Team  Shares
 Heikki Malinen 117,361
 Pia Aaltonen-Forsell 48,248 
Thomas Anstots 95,270
Stefan Erdmann 40,000
Martti Sassi  29,420
 Marc-Simon Schaar 85,230 
Johann Steiner  186,749
Niklas Wass  28,177
Tamara Weinert  50,001
Total 680,456
The share ownership of the Leadership Team was last updated in December 2023. 

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