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We are the global leader in sustainable stainless steel

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The world needs more sustainable solutions to fight the climate change. We are working towards a world that lasts forever and are proud to be the producer of the most sustainable stainless steel in the world: we are able to help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Business based on circular economy

Our mills are in fact significant recycling facilities. Every year, our mills in process more than 2 million tonnes of scrap, or recycled steel and turn it into more than 2 million tonnes of sustainable, long-lasting material. It does not need maintenance, and at the end of its long lifecycle, it is fully recyclable. And it is not only what we do, but how we do it: Outokumpu aims to minimize the environmental impacts of its production.  

Our customers use our stainless steel to build bridges and buildings, produce cars, trains and trucks, and manufacture household appliances and utensils. Outokumpu is known in the market for our unmatched expertise in stainless steel as well as the quality of our products. We have 8,500 experts around the world: they produce stainless steel in our mills in Finland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and the US; research and develop it further at our research centers and mills, and help and advise our customers in choosing, using, and processing stainless steel.

This is Outokumpu

Industry leader in sustainability

Our total carbon footprint is less than 30% of the global average, covering all scopes: direct and indirect emissions as well as those of our supply chain.

Market and cost leader in stainless sector

We are well positioned as the market leader in advanced products and cost leader in high-volume products.

Highest recycled content in the industry

Our recycled material content is 94% – it makes our carbon footprint small, which in turn helps our customers to reduce their emissions – by 10 million tonnes each year. 

Three business areas


We are cost leader in high-volume stainless steel products in Europe and a global leader in advance materials, serving markets also in Middle-East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Read more >


We are the second largest stainless steel producer in the Americas, with one of the most technically-advanced stainless steel mills in the region. 
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Ferrochrome is an integral part of Outokumpu’s operations and a clear competitive advantage to us. Our Ferrochrome operations in Finland produce the world's most sustainable ferrochrome. Read more >

Join Industrial Evolution

Outokumpu Circle Green was born as a result of exploration on how low we can go with carbon dioxide emissions with our current production technology. We call everyone to join the Industrial Evolution in your own industry: support your design and planet equally by using Circle Green stainless steel with the world's smallest carbon footprint.

Read more and join the industrial evolution

Our vision and strategy

Our vision is to be customer's first choice in sustainable stainless steel. In our strategy work, we have successfully completed the first phase of the strategy with a strong focus on de-risking the company and strengthening the balance sheet ahead of time and targets achieved. Now that Outokumpu’s resilience improved significantly, which provides a strong foundation going forward in all market conditions, our focus in the second phase the focus is to strengthen the core through sustainability, growth from productivity and customer-focused steering.

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Our history

Outokumpu's history is as long as that of stainless steel, and we still operate on locations that were instrumental in inventing it. Since our founding days in 1910s, Outokumpu has been considered the number one expert in minerals. Whenever a mineral ore was found in Finland, Outokumpu was asked to investigate if it would be viable for production. If there was no established method of producing it, we developed one. This expertise is still in the core of our business. Today, we are the global leader in stainless steel.

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