Outokumpu established an ESG Advisory Council to the CEO in May 2021.

The external ESG Advisory Council to the CEO will support Outokumpu in our continuous improvement in sustainability work. The council’s role is to challenge and comment the Outokumpu's sustainability strategy, roadmap development and actions as well as facilitate dialogue and exchange of views between Outokumpu and its stakeholders.

The ESG Advisory Council is a valuable forum that brings an external holistic view to our continuous sustainability development. Its expertise will also promote Outokumpu’s aim to set the industry benchmark in sustainability, as well as supporting our efforts in balancing business needs with sustainability goals.

In 2021, the ESG Advisory Council discussed topics such as Outokumpu's science-based climate target setting, internal carbon pricing, ESG ratings as well as sustainable sourcing. In 2022, the ESG Advisory Council will focus on decarbonization topics, supply chain sustainability and ensuring the commitment to human rights in the value chain.

Outokumpu’s external ESG Advisory Council members are as follows: 
Lucas Joppa, PhD (Ecology), Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft
Sirpa Juutinen, independent sustainability advisor
Julia Woodhouse, Board Member, Member of the Audit Committee, Outokumpu
 Pia Theresa Duerrschnabel, Director of Sustainability, Wieland Group