Financing and credit information

Financing and credit information includes information on debt, existing funding programs, ratings and bonds. 
Debt on September 30, 2022 Balance (MEUR)
Convertible bonds* 114
Long-term loans from financial institutions 113
Pension loans 154
Lease liabilities 171
Other long-term loans  12
Short-term loans from financial institutions
Commercial paper 84
Debt 647
*) Includes arrangement fees which will be expensed during the lifetime of the loan, part of the Convertible Bonds reported as equity

Existing funding programs

Existing funding programs on September 30, 2022
  Maturity Amount (MEUR) Facility (MEUR) Utilization (MEUR) Available (MEUR)
Credit Facility, MEUR 700

Feb 2026

Credit facility, Finnvera
MEUR 100

December 2025  100  100  0  100
Finnish Commercial Paper Program
 N/A  800  800  84  716



Moody’s corporate rating
Issuer corporate family rating (CFR): Ba3
Outlook: Positive
Date: September 15, 2022

(Earlier outlook on November 15, 2021: Stable)


Bond information

Bond information
Bond Period Final maturity Interest rate Listed ISIN code Tracking ticker Other information
MEUR 125 2020–2025 July 9, 2025 5% Frankfurt  XS2200501653   The initial Conversion Price is €3.273

Listing particulars for bonds

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Outokumpu Senior Unsecured EUR 125 million Convertible Bond due 2025


Updated November 10, 2022