Duplex for storage tanks

What makes duplex stainless steel the right material choice for storage tanks?

Outokumpu’s Duplex Guide for Storage Tanks walks you through all the key information on duplex stainless steel as a storage tank material, from mechanical strength to corrosion resistance, and grade selection to sustainability.

Do you need a weldable and formable material that has high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance?
Would you like to achieve substantial weight and cost savings with a storage tank solution that is both environmentally and economically sustainable?
Do you wish to store different contents flexibly without the need for protective internal coatings?

Duplex stainless steel offers a convenient combination of strength and corrosion resistance. It is a durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance material choice that helps to significantly reduce material thickness and costs in a wide range of applications.

Discover how to build durable storage tanks with duplex stainless steel

After reading this guide, you will understand the difference between duplex and carbon steel as well as the difference between duplex and other stainless steel grades. We will go deeper into the properties and most important benefits of duplex stainless steel for storage tanks and take a look at three different storage tank projects in which duplex proved to be the best choice. Finally, we will assess Outokumpu’s stainless steel from a sustainability point of view.

Join us in working towards a world that lasts forever.

Guida degli esperti

Perché il duplex è il materiale giusto per i serbatoi di stoccaggio?

La guida al duplex per serbatoi di stoccaggio di Outokumpu presenta tutti gli aspetti fondamentali dell'acciaio inossidabile duplex come materiale per serbatoi di stoccaggio in un unico documento completo. Impara dai nostri esperti e scopri quali sono i vantaggi più rilevanti del duplex per il progetto del tuo serbatoio di stoccaggio.
Scarica la guida

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