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Stainless steel has a long track record of successful performance in a variety of applications. What should you keep in mind when designing a bridge out of it? How to choose the right material for each environment? Our keynote speaker Nancy Baddoo from the Steel Construction Institute and our bridge expert Andy Backhouse discuss stainless steel in bridge design.

Keynote: How to design a stainless steel bridge

  • Key things to consider
  • Structural elements
  • Benefits and potential

Material selection for different environments

  • Tips for material selection
  • Duplex stainless steel

Nancy Baddoo

Associate Director at Steel Construction Institute (SCI)

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Nancy is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. She has extensive experience in research, development and dissemination activities relating to the use of steel in construction

SCI has been a trusted, independent source of information and engineering expertise globally for over 30 years, and remains the leading, independent provider of technical expertise and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector.

Andy Backhouse

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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Andrew is responsible for technical market development for Outokumpu with a focus on applications for stainless steel technology in structural engineering, especially bridge as well as energy applications such as nuclear power, solar power and other renewable energy sectors.


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