Working with us

We care for our people and our environment.

Our people are the key behind our success. At Outokumpu, we believe that our work environment should promote the career development, well-being and safety of all our experts to let them focus on creating a world that lasts forever.

We are our legacy, our expertise and our people

We work to create long lasting solutions that enable modern society and strive to answer the world’s most critical challenges from clean energy to efficient infrastructure.

Safety and well-being

Safety is one of the cornerstones in Outokumpu’s strategy and ensuring the safety and good health of our employees is the number one priority for us. We want all our employees to return home healthy, safe and sound every day. In addition to building a strong safety culture in Outokumpu, we encourage our employees to take care of their physical health by offering various exercise benefits and discounts to sports and well-being services.


Making Outokumpu an even better place to work

At Outokumpu, employee satisfaction is essential for us: we strive to offer all our employees the best work environment where our people feel motivated, respected and proud to be part of the Outokumpu team. 

This is why we measure our organizational health by conducting a global organizational health survey annually. As a tool, the survey connects the day-to-day behaviors and mindsets of employees and leaders to our company strategy. During the last few years, our organizational health has improved significantly.


Career development and learning opportunities

We aim for a high performing organization, which also sets the ambition level for our people. We provide career and development opportunities to all employees across our organization. With a strong international and cross-functional focus in our talent management processes we are building the capabilities of our employees to develop and grow together with Outokumpu.


We care for our environment

Sustainability in our operations stands for safe and healthy workplace and continuous development of our processes to minimize the environmental impact of stainless steel production. Corporate responsibility is seen as an integral part of all operations, business processes and decision-making including economic, environmental and social aspects and their impacts on different stakeholders.


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