Special surfaces for stainless steel


Designed for beauty that lasts, our Deco range covers a wide variety of stainless steel surface finishes. The decorative cladding perfectly matches the designer’s vision and offers functional and elegant surfaces for various exterior and interior applications.

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Compare Outokumpu Deco finishes

Choose and compare your favorite Deco finishes from any of our three categories: Deco Linen and other patterned finishes, Deco Specials and Polished Deco. Your comparison selection will appear in the bottom of this view and when you are ready, you can view these finishes side-by-side on our separate comparison page. You can also download bigger image samples of any finish you like.

The most popular surface finish is Deco Linen

Deco Linen is our most popular surface finish, a classy, timeless pattern with beautiful reflection behavior. By removing the distinctive linen thread, we created the less directional and more even version: Deco Linen without Slubs. Both types of Deco Linen are available in a scaled-down version for a finer and denser appearance. Deco Nine on the other hand has a more pronounced linen thread which makes it a pattern with a high recognition factor. Our newest development is Deco Vertical Linen. The Linen thread is tilted by 90° to increase verticality and create a smooth pattern flow.

Patterning of stainless-steel leads to an enhanced combination of design and function. We offer a large variety of patterned surface finishes, and each pattern can have different reflection properties (versions Star, Matt and Supermatt). Individual patterns can also be developed according to specific needs. For improved formability, a recovery annealing is applied after embossing and, due to tension leveling, the best possible flatness can be achieved.


Typical applications

Elevators, escalators, cash desks, exterior, interior architecture, anti-slip surfaces, sinks, claddings, facades, cash desks, refrigerated display cases, as well as scratch-resistant housing for various machines.

Available on these grades

Other grades are available on request.

Grinding or polishing

Grinding or polishing a stainless steel surface with abrasive belts of certain grain sizes leads to a wide range of highly decorative surface finishes. Because of Outokumpu’s ability to provide both wet and dry polishing and the freedom to use a 2B as well as a BA/2R substrate, we have an exceptionally wide product range to meet any demands and requirements.

The ground or polished surface has more or less clearly visible scoring, which also makes scratches from daily wear and tear less visible. A polished surface is also easier to recreate and blend, for example after repairs or welding work, compared with a 2B, BA/2R or a patterned surface.



Compared to polishing, brushing is a much softer process resulting in smoother and less pronounced but longer scores. The typical silky-matt look appears elegant and is often applied on column or lobby claddings.

The combination of polishing and brushing leads to an even wider variation of different surface finishes matching your specific needs.


Typical applications

Elevators, escalators, refrigerators, handrails, store counters and shelves, cookware, kitchen goods, architectural cladding


Available on these grades

All austenitic and ferritic stainless steels within the following Outokumpu ranges.

Exclusive finishes for distinct designs

Our special Deco 2R2, Deco Rolled-on and Deco Supermatt finishes are neither patterned, polished nor brushed, but produced uniquely and exclusively by Outokumpu.  


Deco 2R²

Typical applications

Interior and exterior architecture, design products, technological components, and products which require high reflectivity or low surface roughness.


Available on these grades

Deco Rolled-On

Typical applications

Interior architecture, escalators, elevators, store counters and shelves, cash desks, display cases, handrails, commercial kitchens, chimney pipes, grills, beverage equipment.


Deco Supermatt


Typical applications

Exterior and interior architectural cladding, roofing.


Available on these grades

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Design and functionality through the right finnishes

Choosing the right surface for your application is key to ensure both the cost-effectiveness and success of the project. Our Deco finishes with a classy, timeless pattern are used in design, appliances and architectural applications around the world. Our decorative yet durable stainless steels help you to create surfaces that stand the test of time and deliver sustainability to your design.
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Special Surfaces - Outokumpu Deco Range
Deco Linen Datasheet
Deco Linen without slubs Datasheet
Deco Supermatt Datasheet
Outokumpu publishes environmental product declarations (EPD) for its main stainless steel products. We are currently updating the documents and they will be published soon on our website.

If you have any questions, please send a message to: sustainability@outokumpu.com and we will be in touch.
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