Building & infrastructure

Timeless beauty, exceptional strength and unmatched durability

Landmark buildings and bridges make a statement. When they’re built of stainless steel, that statement reflects an enduring legacy – a legacy of timeless beauty, exceptional strength and unmatched durability.

From New York’s Freedom Tower to Marina Bay Bridge in Singapore, stainless steel has long played a leading role in prestige projects. But today, stainless steel shines in projects of every scope – and why not? Strong but light, low maintenance and aesthetically appealing, stainless steel is truly a material for the ages.

Available in austenitic, ferritic and duplex stainless steel, Outokumpu’s broad portfolio of grades and finishes is supported by peerless application expertise and customized service. Our proven track record in project management and supply-chain services delivers solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

Fully recyclable – most grades use nearly 90%  recycled steel content – stainless steel is a popular choice for LEED-certified projects. Quite simply, Outokumpu is the most sustainable supplier of stainless steel for the most sustainable solutions.


Benefits of using stainless steel


  • Resistance to athmospheric corrosion attack, pitting and stress corrosion cracking, and resistance to heat
  • Maintenance-free with a minimal increase in initial investment
  • Strong aesthetic appeal; inherent long life

High performance

  • When used with concrete, stainless steel delivers extended project lifespan and reduced maintenance cost
  • Wide range of aesthetically appealing scratch- and wear-resistant textured finishes
  • Exceptionally versatile for use in facades, roofs, fittings, concrete rebar, balustrades, balconies, elevators and escalators, bridges, structural beams and HVAC systems


  • Optimized production; reliable supply chain
  • Grades tailored to specific needs
  • Grade selection advice, laboratory and field testing
  • Global R&D, sales and expert support as trusted partners in innovation and development

Examples of use

Bridges and infrastructure
Stainless steel facades
Interior cladding
Structural applications

Recommended products

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Outokumpu publishes environmental product declarations (EPD) for its main stainless steel products. We are currently updating the documents and they will be published soon on our website.

If you have any questions, please send a message to: and we will be in touch.
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