People and society

Our success is based on people and communities.

Outokumpu exists through employees, the communities where we operate in, business partners, investors and other stakeholders. Our operations have considerable social and economic impacts both on personal, local, national, and global community levels. We therefore take responsibility concerning people and societies from many different aspects.

Broad impacts call for well-measured actions

We contribute to community level well-being by paying taxes, by direct and indirect employment, as well as by numerous ways of community involvement. Even though Outokumpu operates in a global market, our production sites are often located in small cities or towns, where we may be one of the few private sector employers in the area. We recognize that our decisions may carry major impacts both our personnel, communities, and the local service providers and suppliers.

Safety is our highest priorityPeople and society

We believe that strong safety performance correlates with improved quality and operational efficiency. This way we are also taking responsibility for our people and surrounding societies. Outokumpu aims to be among the industry leaders in safety with the vision of zero accidents. We focus on building a strong safety culture by establishing common safety principles, sharing good practices and learning from past incidents to create increased awareness.


Building capabilities

We see measuring and managing our organizational health in a consistent and comprehensive manner as essential. We are also committed to supporting the development of our people by training programs and performance management.

Outokumpu conducts regularly an Organizational Health Index survey to assess its organizational strengths and improvement areas, as well as to initiate new development programs.


Traceability and responsibility throughout the supply chain

Outokumpu is a part of a global supply chain by producing stainless steel for leading brands and demanding industries around the globe. Our customers expect us to provide a traceable supply chain and, therefore, we have in place stringent requirements on our suppliers, too.

Outokumpu is strongly committed to legal compliance and an ethical way of conducting business. Outokumpu’s Code of Conduct sets out these ethical standards and provides guidelines for a common way of working. All suppliers and subcontractors must comply with our Code of Conduct or similar standards and meet our supplier requirements. Outokumpu monitors its suppliers closely through self-assessment, screenings and audits.

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