This is the Inner Circle

A circular economy is the future. Let’s make the most of it. We welcome everyone to join the Inner Circle.

Every piece of scrap has a part to play in a more sustainable future. 

It is in our hands to give it the opportunity. We invite stakeholders from all parts of the value chain to join Outokumpu Inner Circle® in our mission to make stainless steel a key part of strengthening the circular economy. 

Partnership is power. 

Together we can showcase the circularity of stainless steel production, and take actions that bring positive impact to the business and planet. You are invited to join Outokumpu Inner Circle.

Benefits for customers

We all are active actors when it comes to strengthening the circular economy. By joining the Inner Circle and addressing global burning sustainability issues, you are being a frontrunner in a very concrete way. Working also towards your own sustainability commitments and strengthening your position in the run for circular future. Let’s put all the pieces together.

Benefits for scrap suppliers

Every piece of scrap matters. The Inner Circle can provide easy access to sustainable stainless steel by leveraging existing, already efficient supply chains and building a closed-loop where the material sources relate to end users. And vice versa. Let’s build a greener future together. 

Benefits for the planet

We believe the world does not need more things – but things that last. And when a product is at the end of its life cycle, it should be brought back to life by becoming raw material for something new. People and the planet need circular solutions to enable sustainable growth.

Inner Circle: Answering your top questions

Considering to join Inner Circle? Here is everything you need to know.

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Join the Inner Circle


Customers joining the program will bring scrap back into the cycle by the end of the product’s life cycle or after processing the material. 


The scrap suppliers role is to ensure a sustainable supply chain by maintaining the sorting and adjusting to required specifications and distributing the scrap sustainably.


Outokumpu steers the initiative and connects customers to scrap suppliers. Outokumpu will also verify the Inner Circle scrap suppliers, e.g. according to ISO 9001 or EcoVadis rating and provide marketing materials for Inner Circle members.

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