Facades and cladding

Stainless steel for façades

Building façade material selection is critically important. The material must be visually appealing, low maintenance and impervious to weather and pollution. Corrosion resistant and aesthetically versatile, stainless steel s hakes off those challenges easily.

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Facade webinars

Outokumpu stainless steel as a façade material in tall buildings

See how Outokumpu stainless steel has been selected as facade material to several landmarks around the world for example Chrysler Building, Petronas Towers, Jin Mao Tower, Burj Khalifa, One World Trade Center, Ping An Financial Center and many more.

Benefits of using stainless steel in façades


  • Innovative exterior cladding
  • Frame structures for canopies and balconies
  • Glass façade frame structures
  • Nets in varying thicknesses for supplementary structures and balustrades


  • Long lifespan and low life-cycle costs
  • The sustainable choice: Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) available for all product forms
  • Wide range of aesthetically pleasing surfaces
  • Finishes that can improve a building’s solar reflective index and energy absorption

Use our stainless steel for LEED points

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a sustainability-oriented building certification scheme developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. LEED certification standards apply to buildings that achieve high energy efficiency and use sustainable materials. The sustainable characteristics of Outokumpu stainless steel, such as high recycled content and long service life, are rewarded in this scheme.

We offer LEED documentation for our products, which means that designers who select Outokumpu stainless steel can gain LEED points for their building.
Outokumpu's guide for architects

Download our Façade Design Guide

Are you looking for a durable yet versatile material that can be processed to form architectural structures in a variety of shapes and sizes? Download our Façade Design Guide and discover how to design stunning timeless façades with stainless steel.

Pdf sample booklet

Download our Deco sample booklet

Would you like to study 27 of Outokumpu’s special surface finishes in detail? Click below to order our Deco sample booklet pdf.


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