Demand for stainless steel is growing as it is an answer to the many challenges the world is facing these days.
Global megatrends such as population growth as well as mobility and urbanization have resulted in unprecedented economic growth and prosperity globally. At the same time, these megatrends have resulted in massive problems related to increasing carbon emissions and overall climate change. We see that stainless steel is an important product of the modern society to help protect the globe and climate as it is at the center of the circular economy.


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Economic and population growth

Stainless steel demand is linked to increasing high standards of living. The need for stainless steel applications in the white goods sector, such as cutlery, kitchen sinks and washing machines, is growing due to millions of people being able to increase their standard of living. Economic and population growth also increases the need for hygienic medical supplies, clean water and durable appliances.


Mobility and urbanization

It is estimated that over half of the world’s population live in cities. This means the need for sustainable infrastructure is increasing along with the construction of higher buildings, elevators and bridges that can sustain the increasing flow of people, trains and cars.



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Climate change

Climate change is the biggest challenge we’re facing today. Outokumpu can provide its customers stainless steel with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry enabling them to design long lasting solutions with lower environmental impacts.

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