Outokumpu contributes to several United Nations’ sustainable development goals either through the way we operate or through our products.


Products: Stainless steel is the most durable and hygienic material for water pipes and treatment.

Operations: In our production, the recycling of water is maximized. Wastewater is treated, controlled and analyzed before discharging.









Products: Stainless steel is the only long lasting material for many applications of clean energy production, e.g. solar farms and biofuels.

Operations: We follow sustainable energy supply practices to gain secure and stable energy.









Products: Stainless steel is a key element in building modern, efficient and wellbeing society. Therefore the use of stainless steel is continuously increasing.

Operations: We contribute to the community well-being through direct (over 10,000 people) and indirect employment, taxes and other involvement.








Products: Due to its excellent properties stainless steel is a key material in sustainable industrialization and modern infrastructure.

Operations: We have long history in developing new steel grades. Our R&D works closely with customers to find the most sustainable material solution.








Products: Our stainless steel has the highest recycled content, over 90%. Stainless steel is also the single most recycled material globally.

Operations: Our business is based on circular economy. Our mills are among the largest material recycling facilities in the world.








Products: Our stainless steel has the lowest carbon footprint of the industry. It reduces our customers’ overall carbon footprint by 8 million tonnes annually.

Operations: Our carbon footprint is less than 30% of the global industry average. We are committed to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.