Reporting and data

Outokumpu reports on its sustainability performance in an open and transparent way.

Outokumpu publishes a Sustainability review as a part of the Annual report. Sustainability performance reporting is also part of our interim reports. We also participate in several independent sustainability ratings.

Our sustainability reporting is based on material topics

Materiality analysis

Outokumpu surveys regularly its stakeholders’ opinions on what are material aspects in sustainability. The materiality analysis forms the foundation of our sustainability reporting.

Sustainability reviews

Outokumpu publishes an annual Sustainability review in connection with the Annual report. The report is prepared according to the GRI Standards and assured by a third-party. More detailed data is avalaible in the online sustainability data tool.

Sustainability data tool

Find out more about our sustainability performance in the extensive sustainability data tool. It includes data on our environmental performance as well as people and society.

Ratings and indexes

Outokumpu is rated by several corporate responsibility indexes. Being rated by these research companies is a recognition of the fact that Outokumpu has succeeded in fulfilling certain criteria of having responsible operations. 

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GRI Index
Reports and presentations

Sustainability reviews

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