Automotive Guide

Ultra-high-strength stainless steels for automotive applications

Outokumpu’s experts have written a comprehensive guide that provides designers with a detailed insight into the highly strain-hardened variants of stainless steels and their processing technologies. It also offers an overview of the innovative application possibilities in modern automotive engineering.

Superb corrosion resistance is just part of the stainless steel story for modern automotive applications. The latest ultra-high-strength grades also offer high strength and excellent crash resistance that makes them ideal for creating innovative lightweight concepts for demanding structural applications such as:

  • Chassis
  • Crash-relevant structural parts
  • Seat structures
  • Electrical vehicle battery compartments
  • Fuel tanks

Stainless steel is also the ultimate sustainable material. Not only is it produced sustainably, using a high level of recycled scrap material, it is also 100% recyclable when a vehicle reaches the end of its working life.

Automotive Guide

A comprehensive guide to ultra-high-strength steels for automotive applications

Outokumpu has compiled a comprehensive guide for any automotive designer keen to explore the possibilities for using ultra-high-strength stainless steels in structural applications.

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