Wider coil means fewer welds

Larger coil widths help to reduce the number of welds, resulting in smoother production. Outokumpu produces 72" wide cold-rolled stainless steel in Calvert, Alabama, US. In Europe, Outokumpu Avesta produces 2-meter-wide coils.

For a tank builder, the ability to comparison shop to find the optimal grade is essential for the project. Outokumpu has developed an online calculator to help evaluate how strong each section of the shell needs to be and hence how much steel is needed overall.

By feeding in the requirements, including plate width, the tool calculates the options for Making of the perfect storage tank. For instance, changes in stainless steel choices created new possibilities and significant cost savings for Spanish wine producer and exporter. Their sixty-six new wine storage tanks became a Grape source of pride.

Storage tank shell thickness calculation tool

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