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Stainless steel is a vital element for future mobility.

It's time for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles

The mobility industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Urbanization, sustainability, connectivity, autonomous driving and alternative engine technologies are setting new types of demands for vehicle designs. How do stainless steels help you to answer the ever-growing demand for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles?

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Past webinars & events

How non-magnetic stainless steels are driving the electric era of mobility
Electric mobility has arrived in our life. At the same time, the number of sensors inside a vehicle has increased significantly, making electromagnetic compatibility a key design element. A new generation of fully austenitic stainless steels offers complete non-magnetic properties, ideal for EV design, while avoiding the volatile and cost-intensive alloying element nickel. Watch our expert webinar with Stefan Lindner for insights on electrical engineering, an introduction to non-magnetic stainless steels and application examples to inspire design engineers.
Stefan Lindner Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
How to weld stainless steel for high-performance mobility applications
With most materials, welding affects the microstructure in a negative way. The microstructure and resulting physical properties of stainless steels, however, can offer highly ductile and crash-resistance welds. Our webinar demonstrates to welding experts in the mobility industry how they can define their welding strategy to achieve high-performance welds using stainless steels. Join Outokumpu’s Thomas Hündgen and Stefan Lindner for new insights and practical examples.
Thomas Hündgen Senior R&D Engineer at Outokumpu
Stefan Lindner Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
How to select materials for railway applications from an economic and social perspective

Get an economic and social perspective on material selection in the railway business. How do you make accurate price calculations for the whole life cycle of a train? What materials are optimal for making new trains safe and environmentally sustainable? How can governments prepare for an increasing volume of transported goods in the future? Join our mobility and transportation expert Markus Buckner for valuable new insights.

Markus Buckner Senior Manager at Outokumpu
How stainless steels help us to achieve carbon neutral mobility

There is an inevitable shift in the automotive and transportation industry towards carbon neutral mobility. Vehicle designers therefore need to give great consideration to the materials they use, from manufacture to service and end of life. How can stainless steels contribute to carbon neutrality? Our guest speaker, R&D Manager Emrah Dutkun of Stalatube, shares his insights based on over 10 years of experience in coach chassis systems at a major bus OEM. Additionally, Outokumpu specialists discuss the actions we are taking to ensure our material meets the requirements of future mobility.

Mr. Emrah Dutkun R&D Manager, Stalatube
Camilla Kaplin Senior Manager, Environment
Dr. Barbara Mundt Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials
How to select materials for the next-generation lightweight bus

The vital demands for passenger safety, comfort and alternative powertrain technologies tend to add weight to a bus. This is a challenge, as reducing weight is precisely the key to energy efficiency. How can you optimize the weight of a bus with the right materials and choices in frame design? In our webinar, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemens Rother presents some exciting results from a joined project with the aim to minimize structural weight while keeping material and manufacturing costs at a minimum.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemens Rother Professor at Munich University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Werner Pohl Managing Director at Fast Concept Modelling & Simulation GmbH
Dr. Barbara Mundt Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials
How to design safer and lighter busses while staying cost competitive
Like the rest of the automotive industry, bus manufacturing is going through changes and experimenting with new materials. What kind of benefits can stainless steel bring to modern bus designs? Our Lead Technical Manager Barbara Mundt presents some examples.
Dr. Barbara Mundt Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials