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March 30, 2022

1 hour

New key design element for vehicle design: electromagnetic compatibility

Electric mobility has arrived in our life. At the same time, the number of sensors inside a vehicle has increased significantly, making electromagnetic compatibility a key design element. A new generation of fully austenitic stainless steels offers complete non-magnetic properties, ideal for EV design, while avoiding the volatile and cost-intensive alloying element nickel. Watch our expert webinar with Stefan Lindner for insights on electrical engineering, an introduction to non-magnetic stainless steels and application examples to inspire design engineers.

Key topics in the webinar:

  • Basic introduction to electromagnetism
  • Material requirements in electrical engineering
  • Fully non-magnetic and non-magnetizable austenitic stainless steel and where to apply it
  • Questions and answers

Stefan Lindner

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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Stefan is responsible for technical market development for Outokumpu, with a focus on applications for mobility and transportation, especially automotive engineering and alternative powertrain solutions.



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