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Discover how we contribute to a more sustainable world by producing stainless steel.

We are the global leader in sustainable stainless steel. Sustainability is integrated into all of our operations, activities, and decision making. In this collection you will find articles and cases focusing on sustainability related topics.

The biggest recycling center in Europe

See the story of our Tornio stainless steel mill in Northern Finland and how it works in harmony with nature.

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Environmental product declarations and LEED

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ARTICLE Comparing carbon footprints – how to avoid the pitfalls
Camilla Kaplin, Senior Manager – Environment, shares advice for buyers of stainless steel who need to understand how to compare the carbon footprint of different products and producers.
ARTICLE Stainless steel for a sustainable solution
Companies and consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability, including the environmental footprint of the products and materials in their supply chain. The eyes of the world are on sustainability.
ARTICLE Committed to carbon neutrality by 2050
Outokumpu’s stainless steel is a superb material for sustainable solutions as it is 100% recyclable, efficient and long-lasting. However, sustainability it is not only about what we do, but also how we do it. Therefore, we have made climate change one of the key pillars in our sustainability strategy. This includes an ambitious target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
article Yale University study highlights stainless steel’s cycle of sustainability
A study from Yale University has found that 85 percent of stainless steel is recycled at the end of its life, demonstrating that it is a sustainable material that is reused and recycled to protect the world’s virgin resources.
ARTICLE Little streams spawned Europe’s largest material recycling center
Just like the Tornio River forms from the little streams up in the wilderness, the unique sustainability of the Tornio stainless steel mill is not a result of some unique, individual innovation.
ARTICLE Protecting the environment
For Outokumpu, sustainability is not just about making stainless steel that is 100% recyclable, efficient and long-lasting. We also recognize that we need to help protect the environment by proactively developing our production processes, energy and material efficiency, and solutions for the by-products from our operations.
CASE TEMOCO Adding a sustainable touch to the Nordic’s leading bars
Morten Larsen is the owner of Temoco, a furniture provider for the leading bars and restaurants in the Nordics. His clients include major hotel and restaurant chains and some of the most interesting and highly regarded bars in the world. With over 30 years in the industry, he has seen the industry change from decade to decade with different trends coming and going.
Case Stainless Steel Yachts Maximal performance with duplex stainless steel
Håkan Rosén, founder of Stainless Steel Yachts Sweden(SSY), has always had a keen interest in life at sea. He started sailing at an early age and has owned a number of recreational boats. He heard about stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.“It should be possible to build boats from this material,” he thought.
Consistency is key for Dubai's prestigious Sky View Towers
When faced with the challenge of delivering hundreds of tonnes of stainless steel façade material with a completely consistent finish, Outokumpu’s technicians might prefer to do it in a single batch. However, architectural fabrication companies need to order material in multiple batches to control their cash flow, and require the same quality and appearance from production batches spread many months apart.